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Ernesto Grilo Sucessores Lda
Ernesto Grilo Sucessores Lda
Ernesto Grilo Sucessores Lda
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The MÈZË products are top quality cooking and tableware utensils. These products are produced using traditional knowledge and aim to promote the joyfulness and the harmony of a family or a group meal.

Most of the MÈZË products are designed for the kitchen as this is where the wonderful ritual of preparing a meal, that will later on be shared, begins. However, the main inspiration of the MÈZË design is the table, where a group of people will enjoy a great meal together. The table is above all and in most cultures the place of togetherness and meeting for family or friends.

MÈZË joins tradition and contemporaneity in the utility, form and content of its objects. It draws inspiration from the Mediterranean culture, a vast region full of light and a mild climate that is naturally conducive to gatherings and to sharing, resulting in a party of flavors, colors and aromas.


The Mediterranean gathers a large group of countries facing a big sea that unites them all. There are some geographical, cultural and religious differences amongst these countries but there are also many common elements.

The Mediterranean has a pleasant climate; it is a place of sun and light, where earth tones predominate, as well as some vegetation. This climate gives rise to a number of common products that are consumed not only in these countries but also around the world. The taste for good food is a fundamental characteristic of the Mediterranean people.

On the other hand, the climate has also a strong influence on the way the Mediterranean people behave and the kind of relationships they establish between themselves. They possess a natural positivity, a lust for life and a common joyfulness. This type of character is closely linked to the way they eat, to what they eat, to the way they cook and to their concept of sharing a meal. The family structure is the basis of the Mediterranean people but they also feel the need to live close to the community.


The MÈZË products are shaped from traditional materials such as stone, wood, ceramics, glass, metal, natural fibers or cork resulting in contemporary objects, made by the hands of experienced and conscientious designers. They respect these materials and create functional pieces for our everyday life or for special occasions.

The various types of MÈZË pans and pots produced in enameled cast iron, an ancient technique that provides for the best food, allow for different types of cooking. In complement to these products there are also basic accessories for the kitchen, like food storage containers, cups, boards, Mediterranean-inspired textiles and other specific accessories typical of this region, known around the world for its good organic and natural food.


The MÈZË project has as creative director the designer Pedro Sottomayor, responsible for the pans and all the basic products of the collection. Soon other designers will join MÈZË to promote many different cultural views on mediterranean.

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