O House - Bom Sucesso, Design Resort, Leisure & Golf, Óbidos por Atelier dos Remédios | homify
Atelier dos Remédios

Atelier dos Remédios

Atelier dos Remédios
Atelier dos Remédios
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O House – Bom Sucesso, Design Resort, Leisure & Golf, Óbidos

The O House is a residential prototype designed for the Bom Sucesso tourism housing development in Óbidos, Portugal. The scheme was conceptualized as a dwelling model to be replicated ten times along two streets of the Bom Sucesso development.

The name of the project originates from its roof plan in the shape of an “O” that occupies the eastern half of the lot. The idea was to create unique inhabitation experiences through the circular gesture of the building.

Orientation remains an important factor in the making of the houses. For instance, to the East, one would find two bedrooms with window openings directed towards the sunrise every morning. To the south, a kitchen is placed to capitalize on natural lighting throughout the day as the room would be used from morning until nighttimes.

There is also a separation between the living and the dinning room by placing both spaces around an exterior courtyard to which both are connected. Situated at the south-western corner of the lot, the courtyard not only defines formally the circular shape of the houses, but most importantly unites the two social spaces of the residence as a shaded exterior room in which family gathering can take place. The idea was to control the intensity of sunlight with a roofed space while allowing at the same time the inhabitants of the houses to be able to enjoy the landscape of Óbidos.

Architecturally, the O House is about experimenting with ambiguities of both its interior and exterior space, but always in response to the context of the site and particularly to the natural lighting experienced in each created space.


LOCATION: Óbidos – Herdade do Bom Sucesso, Design Resort, Leisure & Golf


PROJECT: 2004 – 2006

CONSTRUCTION: 2007 – 2009

ARCHITECTURE: Madalena Cardoso de Menezes and Francisco Teixeira Bastos

COLLABORATORS: Ana Botelho, Sérgio Hipólito, Sofia Tavares da Silva, Sérgio Xavier (3D model)

STRUCTURES: Carlos Delfim, Engenharia de Estruturas, Lda.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Dimensões totais
190 m² (Área)
Óbidos, Portugal