Ana Moretti Interiores

Ana Moretti Interiores

Ana Moretti Interiores
Ana Moretti Interiores
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Ana has started her professional career in Architecture, as a student in Lisbon's Fine Arts College. Having spent her first 6 years as an Architect working in an Architecture Office in Brazil, Ana found in Interior Design her vocation. Left this office in 84 to start her first Interior Design company, until 1991, time when she returned to her homeland, Portugal. Ana Moretti Interiores was started in 92, and was mainly dedicated to private projects, searching inspiration on the people, her country and it's products. Shortly after, driven by the challenge of larger and more complex projects, starts her specialization in public and commercial spaces. Since 2002 Ana Moretti has been an active IIDA Member. 

Today it's all about passion, being involved in original projects and new concepts. In the end of the day, Ana enjoys a good challenge.

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