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WARNING!!! Do not use this company. !!! They are Toxic. High prices does not guarantee quality. Steer clear. Reach out if anyone wants the facts. I started my project in 2017, it was a £2m glass box rooftop extension in Shoreditch, London. IQ designed the glazing, windows and skylight project. Est costs £350K+ They screwed everything up. The project times went over by 8 months. We had road closures, for a full crane lift and IQ delivered only half the order. They categorically told us the complete order was being delivered. This alone cost me an extra £15k in costs. Project management and communication was terrible. Once materials were on site, the problems got worse. They fitted 6m sliding doors in 4 sections. When they eventually arrived, they couldn't fit the frame (which had been over-measured by 10-15mm), so cut away the waterproof subfloor back to the wood/steel frame. They then patched it up without letting my general contractor know. So only 6months later did we find water damage leaking downstairs flat. It cost est. £25k to repair this issue, excluding time lost on other knock on affects. They argued blame with the roofing company, only the roofing company were honest, trying to solve. The IQ project manager was dismissive, pushing back and being obtuse. Only when I committed to ripping up the whole floor across the back of this 8m of the installation, we found patch up mastic under the frame. We explored further and pulled a 300mm x 80mm piece of mastic, trying to seal into a hole that touched the raw wood of the frame and underside of frame. You could see logo indentations of the frame manufactures in the mastic. They cut a hole in engineered subfloor membrane, to bodge fit a £100k install. This issue cost me thousands in physical costs and even more in time lost. IQ didn't help in anyway. That isn't the end of it. Q also installed a 4m x 2.5m skylight, sitting over our hall and staircase that opened out onto our rooftop. They were the main contractor and I dealt 100% with them and we had no idea any work was subcontracted. The subcontractor was Natralight, from West Bromwich. From day one the roof-light only worked intermittently. I never had a sustained period of operation without issue. It's been 2.5 years since install and the mechanism constantly breaks. The roof randomly closes when they're is no rain. It opens itself. And most recently has just stopped working. I have tried over 2.5 years to get IQ to take responsibility for their work and they have suddenly introduced and pushed blame to Natralight to fix. Now I have a situation where both companies blame each other and I am left with no solution. I full suspect IQ to reply and only talking about Natralight. They will ignore all other issues and like all responses in these complaints, brush over the actual complaint to play the PR game. Hey, they'll probably spell the name wrong to throw you off which company it is? Look somewhere else! Please.
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Data do projeto: Dezembro 2020
We had a project with glass supplied by IQ Glass and we had real problems. One of the Directors of the company was in charge of our project and apparently when he left them, the directors that picked up the pieces of our job said that they had heard similar stories from his jobs many times. My greatest issue is that after many thousands of pounds spent on the project, several further thousands that we incurred due to IQ delays and messed up work, we were given a friendly case of 6 bottles of wine and expected to go on our merry way quietly...... is that how it works? Do a bad job and then get away with it with a brush off? I would definately not recommend them from my experience. Has anyone else had a bad experience with them? I am taking this further but i thought i would share my story on this medium. I cannot see that they are part of any governing body and not registered with the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman so if your project does go wrong in any way then you are left with more inventive ways of making your voice heard.
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