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Founded in 1971, Viterbo Interior Design is an international interior design brand on a mission to Design Extraordinary Spaces for Extraordinary Clients. We are a full service interior design firm that handles a variety of projects in the residencial and hospitality sectors, from personal residences to luxury hotels. Everything from research to planning to execution is handled in-house by a carefully-curated team of Designers and Artisans. At Viterbo ID, we create unique and inimitable ambiances that reflect stories, experiences and memories as unique as the identity of each client.For over 40 years, Viterbo ID has prided itself on creating gorgeous, luxury designs that blend the classical with the contemporary. We take a personalized approach to each project to create spaces to tell stories – your stories.Viterbo is a legacy; a 40-year legacy of unique concepts, translated into achievements made possible through the union of two generations: that of the founder, Graça Viterbo and that of her daughter, Gracinha Viterbo.

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· “Casa Vogue Italy”| Viterbo Project on the Cover issue October 2013· “Andrew Martin Interior Design Award” | Edition highlighting the world’s best decorators (2011 & 2013)· “One of the must see hotels for 2012” | New York Times: Hotel Bela Vista Algarve (2012)· “Prémios Turismo Hotéis Real” | Real Santa Eulália, Algarve; Real Villa Itália, Cascais (2012)· “The International Property Awards for Europe & Africa: Best Private Residence” | Bloomberg, London (2011 & 2010) With this award, Viterbo joined of an international elite group· “Best 200 hotels” | Condé Nast – Hotel Solar do Castelo (2010)· “Star Alliance” | Campaign Image – Gracinha Viterbo. Portugal (2010)· Andrew Martin Interior Design Award | Edition highlighting the world’s best decorators (2009)· “Trip Advisor | Best Portuguese Luxury Hotel | 31srt worldwide” – Hotel Real Palácio: (2009)· “The Hot 100 Best Hotels in the World” | Tatler Magazine – Hotel das Janelas Verdes (2009)· “Barbot Choices by Graça Viterbo” | Prémio Design (2009)· “The Hot 100 Best Hotels in Europe” | Sunday Times – Hotel das Janelas Verdes (2009)· Trip Advisor | Hotel Real Palácio – Best luxury hotel in Portugal and 31st in the world ranking (2008)· Condé Nast | SPA Real Marine – One of the world’s top 10 SPAs (2008)· “Mobis” Award | Best Decorator – Graça Viterbo (2008)· “12 hottest SPA´s in the World” | Condé Nast – SPA Real Marine ( 2008)· Inchbald School of Design, London; FRESS; IADE, Lisbom | Graça Viterbo, Speaker at the Decoration lecture series· “Best International Resort” | Marbella Meeting Point – Hotel Real Santa Eulália and SPA ( 2006)· Medal for Entrepreneurial Merit from the Municipality of Cascais (2005)· “Hot List for most romantic Hotels in the World” | Condé Nast – Hotel Solar do Castelo (2003)· “Prémio D. Antónia Ferreira” | Business woman of the Year, Porto (2002)· Career Award “25 anos Casa & Jardim” (2002)· Medal for Cultural Merit from the Municipality of Cascais (2001)· “British Interior Design Exhibition (BIDE)”, London. (1996)· “IIDA” – “International Interior Design Association” | President of the Portuguese Delegation· “Casa Décor” and “LuxDéco” | “Casa Aberta”, Lisbon – Exhibition decoration consultant
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