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Consorzio Stabile Pedron

Consorzio Stabile Pedron

Consorzio Stabile Pedron
Consorzio Stabile Pedron
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Consorzio Stabile Pedron is a group of companies, leaders in their respective domains of activity, joined together in a single structure that designs and executes complex works.

Only the projects completed can show the passion, the attention, and the care of a company that for over 40 years has marked the territory with works that we hope will be preserved over time and exist in harmony with the territory. A SINGLE POINT OF REFERENCE The peace of mind of a single point of reference, the elimination of the risk of errors due to the transfer of information from one executor to another, the immediate reduction of intervention times, are the main advantages that our customers know us for. Our strength lies in relating to the market as a single globally responsible entity. A group that is fully aware of the importance of improving its skills, and a strong level of motivation, both demonstrated by the continuous professional development of all our employees.

With 1150 hours of training involving more than 80 people, we are among the organisations with the lowest number of accidents over the last decade. A young professional environment with an average age of 37, receptive to improvement, also through additional psychological and motivational training. Fresh young minds and a structure highly geared towards technical solutions of the latest generation, aimed at reducing completion times, while maximising quality. A HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF A staff of 30 technicians, including 7 engineers, 5 architects, 8 surveyors and 6 industrial experts, with backgrounds and expertise in their specific technical sectors. 20% of the total staff consists of graduates. The pool has available all the equipment and tools required to be able to operate in full safety, continuously supporting the operation of the site. Today Consorzio Stabile Pedron is experiencing a continuous expansion that has led to the creation of a new office of 7000 covered square meters, with an additional uncovered area of 26,000 square meters in Villa del Conte (PD).

via Marsara 4
35010 Villa del Conte

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