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Tour program Da Nang Hue 1 day

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Can Thanh Palace was destroyed in the years 1947 and 1968. Hue specialties can hardly be complete without beef noodle soup. [7] The monuments in the Ky Dai capital city details: Ky Dai (Hue city) Also known as the Flag Pillar, located in the middle of the southern face of Hue imperial city within the Nam Chanh fortress, is also the place where the flag is mounted. of the imperial court

This valuable work includes more than 100 architectural works, which truly reflect the life of the king of the Nguyen Dynasty. Cheap Tour Da Nang Hue In terms of etymology, Ngo Mon means the gate facing the Ngo direction, also the South direction, according to Translation is the direction for the King of God. In the most brilliant period, the landscape architecture of Truong Sanh Palace was ranked by King Thieu Tri as the seventh of the Neural Land landscape

That expense created a beautiful masterpiece. Anyone who comes to visit cannot help but admire and admire. @Traveloka In Thien Dinh Palace, there are two bronze statues of King Khai Dinh. For tea lovers, Hue Royal Tea is a gift not to be missed

In the temple grounds is a garden of flowers and plants that are taken care of every day. By the time of Minh Mang, Ky Dai was repaired in 1829, 1831 and 1840. Trung Dao Bridge and Ho Thai translated Trung Dao Bridge and Thai Dich Lake, seen from behind Ngu Phung floor

Below Buu Can is a bronze statue of Khai Dinh cast in France in 1920, by two French people, P. TOP specialty Hue as a "delicious" gift. Hue mussel rice The best mussel rice is only available in Hue Hue tourism has not eaten yet. mussels are not called Hue. The above houses are the accommodation of the concubines divided into residence, collectively known as the Luc Institute

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