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Bai Chong Cu Lao Cham

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Above all, when joining the tour, you will not incur costs or "cut down" the price. Not showing off the smell and fragrance like other cakes, but the cake with less hemp leaves makes people surprised when step by step peeling off the outer leaves to admire and enjoy the magic cake inside. Along with the presence of almost the status quo of architectural structures, fine arts, and the layout of primitive worshiping statues of the Threefold Taoist period in Buddhism in Hoi An, Hai Tang pagoda is a valuable resource in the study. Scientific research in many fields

It is also said that this area is very flexible. Ancient Cham wells in Cu Lao Cham Xom Cam well has a tubular pattern with a circular well and the well is square, with each corner a square pillar. At present, Bai Chong has 1 dormitory, 1 reception house, 2 restaurant zones, 3 bathrooms - toilets, many umbrellas, tents, hammocks ... to meet the needs of about 200 guests staying. every day

Although the marine museum is not big, it is full of cultural relics of Cu Lao Cham such as: shells of different types and sizes, monuments, Ancient ceramic vase from ancient times and many other artifacts. We would like to thank and see you in the next article. The leaves are chopped and chopped, around noon, spread under the shade of the house, and dry for about two sunshine. village care, incense smoke. If you have the opportunity to come here at the time of the festival, you will feel the beliefs of the sea fishermen, and also see the rich cultural nuances of the inhabitants of Cu Lao Cham island. Bai Chong is also marked by white sand, flat, beautiful water, straight rows of coconut spreading cool shade, making the natural landscape here extremely poetic

Come to the museum By the sea, you will see pictures clearly depicting the life of the fishermen here through unique display items: tunic, boat, basket boat. Coming to Bai Ong, we can also play a giant floating house on the sea. In 1848, the temple was restored and preserved intact today

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