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7 Security Measures You Need For Your Home

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Our home is our sanctuary so we should do everything we can to make it a safe haven. If our home is safe, then our family will be safe as well. The following list represents some of the things homeowners should do to secure their homes.

Outdoor lightsThe outside area around your house should be well lit. Motion detector lights are a must as a sudden flash of bright light will deter intruders from their intentions. Of course, this should not be the only reason to have motion detector lights. These are also useful if you tend to leave the lights on even when you no longer need them. Such a habit can significantly increase the cost of utility bills. The lights will turn off automatically after a certain time and reduce your energy consumption.

Rethink your landscapeTrees, plants, bushes, and other greenery increases your curb appeal and beautifies the exterior.  However, it also offers a lot of hiding space to burglars. In order to avoid this, give your landscape a makeover. Trim the bushes, reshape tall trees, plant some flowers instead of tall plants and keep your lawn in shape.

Secure your garage doorThe garage can be another way of entry to your house so it should be secure at all times. The easiest thing you can do to keep it safe is to always close and lock the garage entry door once you are doen using it. If there are any windows in your garage, think about frosting them so you’ll prevent anyone from looking inside. Try not to leave the garage remote within your car. Instead, keep it inside the house. If the garage is not attached to your house, there are still valuable things inside so you should still keep it locked. 

Secure your home networkYour wifi should never be a public property so it is recommended to keep it password secured. Skilled professionals can use an open wifi network to their own advantage and gather your personal info. So, it is not recommended to have an open home wifi network. If you have many visitors throughout the year, and you hand out the wifi password to all of them, make sure you change the password at least once a year. 

Get yourself into the habit of locking your doors and windowsAn open window or a door can easily make you vulnerable to outside threats. That is the main reason to always check if every window is properly closed. Also, keep your front door locked at all times even when you are at home. If someone wants to see if you are home, they will ring the doorbell. Once you get yourself into a habit of locking doors and windows at all times, you might get yourself locked out of your house.  In case such a thing happens, you’ll have to call an emergency locksmith like Res-Q Locksmiths. These things happen to the best of us, and a professional will quickly solve this or any other lost or misplaced key emergency.

Make it look like there is always someone InYour house should give the impression of having someone in even when there’s no one home. Even if you're out for a few hours, make it look like there’s someone there. The easiest way to achieve this is to have smart light timers around your house. These will activate some of the lights or other appliances at the time you are usually in. They will be turned on and off at a predetermined time of day and won’t spend too much energy. 

Home security systemA home security system is one of the best ways to protect your loved ones and valuable possessions. It will protect your home and your neighborhood. You can even safely go on a vacation because you’ll be able to remotely access cameras in and around your premises. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you are safeguarded from theft and other emergencies. If you can’t afford the real home security system, you can still buy decoy cams and spread them around the property. To an outsider, these will look just like the real thing and you’ll still have a sense of security.

Having a dog is another way of securing your premises. Your family will have a lovely furry friend, whereas intruders will be deterred by Beware of the Dog sign. These tips will get you started with home security measures. The whole idea is to be safe, secure and to decrease any possible risk for you or your family members.