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2BHK Gaurav and Seema | Balewadi, Pune | 2017, Nikhil Kanthe Nikhil Kanthe Salas de estar minimalistas
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There is an absolute beauty in the minimalist approach. It is about knowing where to draw the line when it comes to dressing up a home. The interior designer and decorator, Nikhil Kanthe has done an impeccable job in designing this gorgeous two-bedroom home in Pune. The guiding rule of minimalism is “less is more”. Clean and straight lines have contributed to interiors that are elegant and sophisticated. The client’s preference for wood accents and an earthy look has inspired the overall design.

Rustic tones

As we enter the beautiful home, we are greeted by an unusual yet attractive nameplate on the wall. It sets the expectations of the kind of interiors that we will see within the home. The distressed wood branch matches the rich and natural wood door. A strip of Warli art in the centre panel of the door breaks up the heaviness of the design.

Clean lines

The elegant sideboard that sits between the living and dining area is placed against the wall. The design offers storage, but the clean lines give it a sleek and sophisticated look. The artwork above is in line with the shape of the table, and it adds a splash of colour against the neutral tones in the area.

Lovely seating arrangement

The living room layout has a sectional sofa sitting right opposite the TV. It not only is comfortable but also features a light colour that works for this room. The drapes have been chosen so they match the neutral and simple look. A floor cushion adds just the right contrast and colour to this space.

Even wood tone

One of the standout features of this home’s design has to be the wood tones. Picking a single shade and sticking with it throughout the house has made the design fluid and consistent. The centre table, the TV unit and the console table all feature the same straight lines and minimalist design.

Elegant kitchen design

Using a combination of grey and white, the designers have given this kitchen style. A clutter-free look is only possible when the counters are neat. All the appliances and gadgets used in the kitchen have been given a place inside the cupboards. Cabinets and drawers have been designed without handles, and this contributes to the room’s minimalist look.

Sophisticated bedroom

The bedroom has a warm ambience, and much of it comes from the wood floor. The lovely wood texture on the headboard accentuates the look.

Gorgeous dining area

Featuring a six-seater table, the designers have added understated style to this room. While the design of the table is simple and traditional, the lampshade hanging from above is distinctly modern. Despite these contrasting styles, the dining room looks well-put-together. 

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