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10 Innovative puja room designs that are on trend

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There are many specimens of puja room designs in the market, some of which are inside the wall alcoves and others designed within a room with lavish pavilions and decorations depending on availability of space. People use lighting and several décor elements to make the worship areas feel beautiful, soothing and divine. If you like lavish decorations, we suggest the inclusion of wood and marble, like interior decorators often do for puja room designs. Whether you want to go for a small alcove style puja area or an elaborate puja room structure, wood can easily harmonise with any style.

Check out our list of inspirational puja room designs for ideas! 

1. Harmoniously designed room

While using decorative elements in the puja room, designers tend to use lavish and expensive materials such as marble and granite as per homeowners' wishes, but wood works just as well. If you want to create a private meditation and prayer area, we suggest that you choose dark-toned wood, like in this home. Build an entire worship unit with wood, and we guarantee, you will not regret it! Pair it with bells and glowing ​​lights to enhance its beauty. 

2. Ornate worship room

These lovely brass decorations glow and provide an attractive background in the room. The beautifully carved door also has brass and transmits the glow of light when lamps are lit inside the pooja room. Such a well-lit place of worship can be custom made with other metals too! 

3. Marble beauty

This innovative design makes perfect use of the wall in the puja area. To keep the statues and lamps in place, the window ledge and the shelf at a slight elevation from the floor work well. The rolling blind helps to adjust the light in the room. The wooden cabinet and drawers are ideal for storing materials necessary for cleaning and prayer. 

4. Readymade puja unit

This puja room is designed entirely out of wood, and the mandir with brass inlay work is placed before a beautiful backlit panel. It’s not unusual to see small wooden or marble temples in many Indian homes, but the combination of the mandir and the illuminated niche makes this composition unique. 

5. Corner of serenity

Gentle and unassuming with creative placement of lighting fixtures the puja room here fills the heart with peace. The partition creates a separate area, where family members can pray together during festivals.

6. Traditional fervor

In this traditionally designed puja room statues of the gods and goddesses have been given focus, by backlighting that enhances the look of the area. The lights on the ceiling and either side of the mandir provide soft illumination to create a tranquil ambience for prayer.

7. Lavish display

This luxurious puja room has the main idol seated on a simple but lavishly designed pedestal. The golden peacock on the wall and lighted backdrop make the room’s design unique and memorable.

8. Alluring background

This eye-catching design with an etched stone background has created an attractive puja space within a wall niche. The wood panel in the background, the embedded lights and the glowing pedestal all come together to make for an enchanting visual. 

9. Choice of multiple shelves

The strategically designed shelves, bells and other decorative elements with an exquisitely designed laser-cut panel at the rear make this puja room an ideal place to offer prayers to the almighty. The area has ample floor space on which one can settle down and spend time in prayer.

10. A private space

This puja room is clearly defined and is boxed in against the wall with a wooden frame, offering privacy during worship. The backlit wall, white wooden cabinet and the framed pictures of gods on the wall create an attractive design scheme.

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