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10 Tips to make a small bathroom look bigger

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Small bathrooms can feel too enclosed many times, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. It's all a matter of how you design the bathroom to feel and look more spacious. This idea book is here to guide you on the most effective ways of visually creating more space in the bathroom. Actually the tips here can be adapted to be used in any room, but the bathroom in particular is given extra emphasis as it tends to be cumbersome when it's cramped. 

No matter how small a bathroom is, it has to include the basics – a shower, toilet, sink and faucet and maybe a cabinet or some shelving for storage. So you have to work your way around the essentials of the toilet. It's not like a bedroom where you can shift the furniture around or remove them. That's why it's a little more challenging making a small bathroom look bigger, but it's definitely not impossible as we will show you here. Read on to discover some simple tricks that experts use to add visual space to the bathroom

1. Maintain the same tone

Use similar colours and hues, rather than contrasting shades. So don't, for example, have a black floor and white walls as the contrasting colours will separate the spaces visually and make it look small. However, if contrasting shades are appealing to you, feel free to try darker shades in a small part of the bathroom like the sink, as pictured here. This way the sink will stand out as a focal point in the bathroom. And if it's a nice sink, you will definitely want to bring attention to it. As long as everything else blends together well, a large backdrop is created, making the bathroom feel more spacious. 

2. Paint the ceiling and walls the same colour

We highly recommend doing this especially if your ceiling has an awkward shape or is quite low. Painting the ceiling and the floor the same colour will fade out the odd angles and unify everything, making the bathroom look larger. It also creates a cleaner and more open look, while helping to expand the vertical space in the room. Making the ceiling one or two shades darker than the walls will also do the trick. 

3. Harmonise the colour of the tiles and the walls

The tiles and the walls should have a similar colour or tone in order to create more visual space in a small bathroom. It's the same concept here as well. Too much contrast will chop up the spaces and make the bathroom seem smaller. By harmonising the colours, you can expand the bathroom visually.

4. Wall tiles in the shower up to the ceiling

Placing wall tiles in the shower so that they reach up to the ceiling can help the space seem larger as it places emphasis on the vertical space. Remember, the fewer the transitions and lesser the contrast, the better. 

5. Blend the areas together

Blend the various areas of the bathroom such as the shower area, sink area and toilet area together by using the same flooring and same colour on the walls. For more information, you can always consult with a professional or an interior designer.

6. Use clear glass for the shower room

Avoid using opaque or textured glass for the shower room or the bathroom in general as it can feel like another wall. One of the best things about using clear glass is that it can separate spaces without visually separating them. 

7. Use big mirrors

Mirrors that reach to the ceiling are best to visually expand any room, but especially a small bathroom, where it is functional too. Make sure to install some recessed lighting or spot lights on top of it as it will enhance the lighting and add more visual inches to the bathroom. For more ideas, please refer to our article titled 30 pictures of false ceilings and led lights.

8. Allow plenty of natural light in

Natural light is great for small bathrooms as it can make the space seem bigger. So open up the shutters and try to expand your windows as much as you can. It will help with putting on make-up too. If you don't have space for a big window, you may want to consider a skylight. It makes a world of difference in small bathrooms. 

9. Use mirrors strategically

Place the mirror strategically so that it reflects the window. This will double the impact of the mirror in visually expanding the bathroom. It will also make it seem like you have two windows. 

10. Niches for storage

Niches are much more space-efficient than wall shelving as they take up less space. Recessed cabinetry in the walls can also help to maximize space. Avoid cabinets as much as possible and store things under the sink instead. 

We hope this idea book has been inspiring. For more ideas, please also read our article titled 13 inspiring photos of a small apartment.

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