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Create Feng Shui bliss in your kitchen

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Today at homify, we are bringing you fabulous ideas to organize one of the most important places in the home, with the philosophy of Feng Shui: the kitchen. The kitchen is the perfect space to apply this philosophy, since the elements of the tradition was already present – dishwasher represents water, wood cabinets, stove and oven represent fire, marble counter tops or granite refer to earth, and finally appliances, which are metal elements.

This knowledge can assist us in harmoniously locating each of these elements in the kitchen, seeking to focus and distribute the energy flowing into it, making it more enjoyable for preparing food and enjoying meals, and maximizing values you get out of the space. In the philosophy of Feng Shui, we are told that inside the home the kitchen is the second most important energy source in the house and therefore all people who live in the house must be involved in the activities within it. So lighting a burner at least once a day, if only to heat water or food, allows for the renewal and circulation of energy.

Key points

In the kitchen we find the two main elements of this oriental philosophy: water and fire. By avoiding the use of colours that represent these elements, we avoid saturation thereof, creating an imbalance in energy, which we can rather balance using light shades like white and beige or a more vivid green and yellow palette. It is important that the refrigerator has a variety of foods within it and rotate the use of the stove burners for the energy flow and for prosperity to flood your home.

The work triangle

The work triangle is what is known as the geometric figure formed in the kitchen by the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. The location of the stove is important because it should not be in front of the window, which would cause a blockage of energy of prosperity and wealth. In this arrangement of elements, the triangle must respect a certain amount of distance between each other, which should be adequate for proper operation and performance within this room.

Location of the stove

As mentioned above, the range cannot be in front of the window, as this may cause the arrival of financial problems to our home. Nor is it advisable for it to be placed on the kitchen island, because the elements (stone and wood) could retain the flow of the energy. The ideal location is in a corner or a space where it can live with the rest of the elements of fire, such as microwave and oven.

The ideal location for the water element

For the sink, the ideal location is just below the window, unlike the stove, as this element has an energy flow. It is recommended that space is reduced between water and one element of fire, separated by timber, which creates a constructive cycle of energy flow within the space.

Materials of choice

According to the principles that govern Feng Shui, the kitchen is very important since it is associated with power, wealth, prosperity and health. As for the materials that you will use when designing and building it, is important to avoid excessive use of a single material, trying to balance the use of each of the elements mentioned at the beginning, either in materials or colousr finishes. The use of decorative plants helps to create a reference to nature, which can also be achieved through the use of pictures of natural landscapes. Having a big bowl of fresh fruit out of the refrigerator, it acts to potentiate energy in the kitchen. Take for example, this image courtesy of the architects of Pedro Quintela Studio.

Nature, colour and joy

One way to reach a balance and energize the Feng Shui kitchen is to always keep it clean, bright and free of odours. The flow of energy has to be uninterrupted and order must always be maintained within this space, as well as inside cabinets and closets. In terms of colours, it is recommended to use light shades that help potentiate natural lighting, which is full of added life both to the kitchen, as well as for the houseplants we use to decorate our kitchen.

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