8 aspects of outdoor wooden doors that you would love to know

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8 aspects of outdoor wooden doors that you would love to know

Vartika Gupta Vartika Gupta
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There is something that you need to know about outdoor wooden doors. The most important thing you already know: it can be tremendously beautiful, warm and stately. As a matter of fact, wood is the material par excellence for doors. You can make you house look more royal and warm by using wood for most things, including doors.

If you have decided that you will be using a wooden gate or a wooden door at home, or in the garage, or at the entrance of a garden, you first need to decide what kind of wood, with what design or what maintenance you will have to use based of the strength, the durability the susceptibility to weathering etc. To resolve all these doubts, read on.

Why wood for exterior door?

The answer is very simple. A wooden door at the entrance to a house is the most elegant element that exists. And not only because of the beauty that a well carved wooden door has, but also because of the enormous historical weight that this material treasures. If you remember the great palaces, castles or churches full of art and history that you have visited, you would definitely remember entering those places through a grand wooden door. Such is the splendor of a wooden door. See 11 front doors with a bold welcome that are sure to amaze you.

Different styles of exterior wooden doors

Not all wooden doors are large and majestic, or carved carved with watermarks and heraldic evocations. The truth is that for the doors of houses there are a lot of options and scope for various styles. Though there are many examples of doors carved with floral motifs of rustic airs however, today there are also many other styles in trend. From the most minimalist forms governed by the absolute simplicity in which a door is just a vertical surface, protective and without any adornment, not even an edge to other equally contemporary proposals, in which 21st century carpenters play with geometric designs and colors which do not even remotely resemble the natural tones of wood, as in this picture from the Madrid company Puerta Bonita. Here are 8 diverse front door colors you'd never thought of trying.

Advantages of a wooden door in the exterior

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There are several reasons that will convince you to have a wooden door for your home exterior. Besides being beautiful, sturdy and warm, sometimes depending on the type of facade of your house, it may seem obvious that only a wooden door makes sense. For example, for those doors that give way to a house in which you have to cross a garden. When using wooden doors, it makes sense to use them in closed blocks, in order to maintain the privacy and quiet inside the house. See a wooden door that uses glass and iron, adding to its beauty.

Disadvantages of a wooden door

Wooden doors can only have only two disadvantages, and both are easily remedied.

In the first place, it is an element that requires maintenance so that it does not lose its appeal and effectiveness, as they can rot if we do not protect them from humidity, fungi and insects that feed on wood. However, regarding the maintenance of wooden doors you will see that it is an easy disadvantage to overcome.

And the second negative aspect could be in terms of safety, since it is considered that they can be weaker compared to other metallic materials. However, we can have the safety of steel or iron, and the beauty of the wood, because just as there are armored doors in the apartments.

Types of wood for exterior

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The most sought-after woods for outdoor doors, in addition to the traditional oak, are tropical woods, since they are extraordinarily resistant to rain, and are a great choice for places with high humidity. In this sense, the doors made with wood from species such as African Teak, Ironwood, wood of chestnut, Cedar and Cherry Mahogany are highly appreciated and common. Although the designers make beautiful doors with other woods that are available locally, the above mentioned woods hold for long duration in terms of stability and strength. Here are 7 unique front door designs for your home.

The necessary maintenance wooden door

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The maintenance of the wooden door depends on the type of wood you have chosen for your door, as well as the final finish applied by the carpenters who made it. It will generally be them who would advise you about the periodicity of maintenance. However, the work to be done will always be the same, and it is basically to give a protecting coating

This protective coating can be made from natural oils such as flaxseed or teak oil, and sometimes it is done by commercial varnish. If you do not wish to apply any color to the wood, ideal is to use water-based varnishes, which are just as effective as synthetic varnishes, but much more eco friendly.

In short, maintenance is as simple as applying these protective products with the periodicity recommended by the manufacturer. Of course, before giving the dye or varnish, it is necessary to give a small sanding to the door, since that will help the product penetrate much better in the wood. Here are 15 ideas apart from a great wooden door, that will help you create an enchanting entrance to your home.

An example of rustic door

We have already stated above that there are numerous styles for exterior wooden doors. However, they all have something very similar to what we see in this image.

A door based on planks in vertical arrangement, in a bricked wall. A double leaf door which is in arch shape on the top, an authentic rustic door that gels perfectly with the brick walls.

Although, even there are so many options and variations around the idea of rustic doors. You can create your own unique style by adding more iron, glass or even stained glass, and of course the wood can be much more carved with motifs of your choice.

An example of a modern door

If there are a lot of options in case of rustic doors there is a wide range of options in the modern wooden doors too.

The modern wooden doors thrive on two policies : simplicity and functionality. As you see the door of the house in the image. This is a house with a wooden facade. And of course the door would not be of another material and could not have another design than the simplicity of the vertical lines. And yet, with the simple variation of the varnish tone, the door reaches a total prominence among so much wood.

What would you prefer for your home? A modern or more traditional door?

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