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A modern home with a twist

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Residência Unifamiliar Condomínio Alphaville Londrina 2 Casas modernas por Tony Santos Arquitetura Moderno
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We are living in an age of superstar architects, where the spectacle of architecture is an expression of the architectural profession itself. Focused on the use of  fancy shapes; sometimes devoid from the reality of context. However, architecture always had, and will always have, a concrete purpose – to serve a functional need and cater to program in time and space.

This project, designed by architects Tony Santos, nestled in a gated community in Londrina, Brazil, sought to stick primarily to the functional and objective requirements of the client. As a response, the architect provided a design solution that took advantage of natural lighting, minimizing thermal discomfort inside, and providing environments with sensory qualities. The two master bedrooms were positioned to face the east, in order to receive the morning sun and to provide views of the valley. In addition, all public spaces here have been designed to provide a feeling of spatial and visual fluidity. Let us take a closer look at this impressive project, which has natural light as its protagonist and an awe-striking interior…

Massive openings

The generous opening on the east facade exposes the spaciousness of the interior. A living room with double-height glazing brings in natural light, providing stunning views onto the garden outside, and accentuating the feeling of transparency through the structure.  A green wall which is under development, is a solution to screen the internal spaces from external views and provide a level of privacy to the home owners.

Stylish look

From the exterior, the building has a sober look with simple shapes. A cantilevered volume projects outside and provides a canopy for the cars. An entrance portico 6,35 meters high, folds over to celebrate the entrance to this spectacular masterpiece of living. It is truly monumental in character, and establishes itself as a strong architectural element across the entire structure. The play of scale, proportions and materials, all through the project brings in a great sense of dynamism and interest into its composition. The simple choice of its form is a statement to reflect the essence and characteristics of its owners.

Entrance portico

The main entrance is a fundamental element in any architectural project. An entrance defines the point of entry, and is a clue of what to expect inside. Following design tradition, this project seeks to mark the the entrance with an imposing element: a contemporary porch. The porch is monumental in scale and clad with redbrick, that brings a charm to it's appearance.

Double-height living

While entering the house, the visitor is surprised by the monumental double-heights, integrated into the living room environment. The double-height space allows for easy integration with the floor above. The porcelain floor, enhances the spatial quality of the home and facilitates ease in cleaning and maintenance.

First floor plan

Planta do pavimento superior por Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Planta do pavimento superior

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Here you can see the double height living space, accessed by the staircase.

Integrated spaces

The living room, dining room and kitchen are all integrated into one big space, strengthening the linear feeling across the monospace. Natural light, one of the key ingredients in the atmosphere of this house, washes the room by penetrating through the  translucent double height curtains that hang from floor-to-ceiling, resulting in a bright, airy and comfortable living environment.

Ground floor plan

Planta do pavimento térreo por Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Planta do pavimento térreo

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Entrance level plan, showing carpark, entrance portico, and integrated living spaces.

Classic furniture

The architect Danielle Santos has stamped their authority all over the interior spaces as well. In addition to the choice of high quality finishings, they have carefully selected great furniture classics, too. One great example is the Eames Lounge Chair, a beautiful creation of renowned American designers Charles and Ray Eames. The white Eames Lounge Chair, is carefully positioned in the corner of the space, creating a quiet nook for rest and relaxation.

Modern kitchen

Moving into the kitchen, it's easily visible that the kitchen carries on the same spatial vocabulary forward. It is an open plan kitchen, spacious, functional, and showered with natural light. The highlight is obvious; a kitchen island with a granite counter top. This platform also serves as a counter for quick meals, and is adequately lit by the lights, integrated into the overhead chimney.

Social corner

The gourmet space functions as a social zone, houses an built-in barbecue grill, an adjacent space for food preparation, and is screened for comfort and privacy by frosted glass panels. These panels optimise the use of natural light, and provide a greater sense of comfort for meetings with friends and close family.

Sparkling at night

Before we leave, we can't say goodbye before showing you the facade set across the beautiful night sky of Londrina, gleaming in its full glory. Its pure forms and volumes intensified by external lighting, which enhance the house and the garden. Truly this house turns into an object for contemplation, during the nights.

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