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6 ideas to consider before building a swimming pool

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Is there anything better than diving into a cool, blue swimming pool? Probably not, especially considering that the seasons have turned and that well-known South African summer is around the corner.

But hold on before you start digging a hole in your garden (or phone up the nearest pool professionals) – have you really thought this through carefully? Because pool parties and cooling off aside, a lot of thinking needs to happen before that swimming pool in your dreams can become a reality…

1. Help from the experts

Building a swimming pool is no easy job, and if you don’t have the necessary skills, then putting your trust in the hands of someone more capable is definitely a must. 

A professional designer/architect needs to design the pool (should you not opt for one that’s already built), and expert builders need to ensure that installing it (the physical job of putting into the ground) is completed correctly.

2. Decorative elements

In addition to being quite practical (especially on social occasions), a swimming pool can also boost a property’s value, particularly when it’s so much more than simply a hole in the ground.

Here is where one can consider adding decorative elements to make that swimming pool so much more stylish, like a waterfall, fountains, a surrounding garden, etc.

3. What about your ecological footprint?

Many people do not think about it yet, but a swimming pool naturally has a certain impact on the environment. We also call this the ecological footprint. 

In a swimming pool there needs to be a certain amount chemicals. A certain amount of chlorine is often required to keep the water clean and appropriate for human usage. This is also one of the main reasons why so many people cover their swimming pools with sails to help keep them cleaner for longer. 

Remember that a saltwater pool uses much less chemicals!

4. Special shapes

The shape and size are the more practical and aesthetic sides of the swimming pool story. If you are going to build a swimming pool, you should think carefully about what you want. Do you want to dive, practice your laps, or just float? 

The shape also needs to be taken into consideration, especially since it will influence the costs.

5. The right location

Take the weather into consideration. For example, building your swimming pool in the garden near trees will mean constantly having to scoop out leaves. Will it gather enough sun or shade? 

How about an indoor pool (if you have the space)?

6. Think practical

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Piletas de hormigón

Piletas Crisci

Once you know what you want (and where you want it), it’s time to start thinking about your budget. Make sure to talk about this with your designers/builder so that they know from the start what to expect.

Fortunately the experts when it comes to swimming pools are used to working with all kinds of locations and budgets, which means you are bound to be able to enjoy your dream swimming space (with the appropriate budget) in no time! 

For more inspiration, have a look at these 17 small pools for patios and small gardens.

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