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A Timber Clad Home in the Woods

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This beautiful home in the Catalan woodlands was designed by the team at Alventosa Morell Arquitectes, an architectural firm based in both Barcelona and Lleida. All of their projects are characterised by efficient climate studies and thermal analysis, aiming to reduce the energy consumption and ecological footprint of the building – and this home is no exception!

Responding to the clients desire for reduced construction time and an energy-efficient design, the architects created a modular home; adapting each of the different modules to the typography of the site.  Employing passive solar design principals, the envelope allows for optimum thermal performance. The design uses local, natural and breathable materials with minimal impact to reduce the ecological foot print, such as; flat rock and spruce wood. The result was a home with a reduced toxicity of materials and a 76.77% energy consumption reduction. Ir is not only beautiful to the environment, it's beautiful to look at at!

The boxes and the in-between

Each of the modules are clad with horizontal ship-lap weatherboards, in a natural finish. Square windows are located irregularly to take advantage of the beautiful views. The interstitial spaces, that link the various modules, take on different characteristics to correspond to its use. In winter the interstitial spaces act as solar collectors, while in the warmer seasons they are opened to become covered outdoor terraces that connect to the garden.

The beautifully crafted envelope

The light and natural timber weatherboards sits beautifully within the terrain. The corners are butt jointed, in an alternating pattern – the finesse demonstrated with this attention to detail is just delightful! The thoughtful consideration that is given to the form and envelope of the home, is given in equal measure to the wonderful interior. For more material inspiration, take a look here!

Timber, timber, timber and a touch of concrete

Inside the home, the timber continues – lining the walls and ceiling and also forming the window and door joinery; finding but a few interruptions in the glazed openings, polished concrete floor and odd furniture element. The books become a key part of the space, adding colour and variation. They are a direct expression of the user – reflecting their personalities and sensibilities – they are the artworks that line the walls. For more living space ideas, take a look here!

An office nook with a view

Here, the perfect office nook is created with an in-built desk finding a home in the small recess. A wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glazed opening picture frames a lovely natural vista with the rich stain of the timber joinery subtly, but effectively, offsetting the natural timber finish of the walls and ceiling. The continuity of cladding makes the internal wall and the external wall appear as one, while the internal timber door is camouflaged within its host.  

Floor to ceiling books

Here we get an elevational look at the full height book shelf – and isn't it great! The perfectly symmetrical arrangement is recessed into the wall, taking up no unnecessary space. The entire design is refined and simple, yet so warm and rich in texture. 

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