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Today on homify we will travel to Holland, where we will explore a functional family home with a traditional front facade, pitched roof and a sleek glass rear wall. The home, dubbed Villa Blaricum possesses glass panels, eclectic furnishings and pale, subtle varying wooden floors. Although the home is situated in a rather cold climate, the vast expanses of glazed glass allows for lots of light and easy communication with the lovely back garden.

Bok Architecture also infused the space with a bright, modern layout. The essential configuration and atmosphere of the ground floor is bright and open. There is a constant overlapping of spaces. But at the same time, the various spaces have their own essential function, privacy and space. We won't spill all the secrets just now however, but it's safe to say that there are a good for tips here for the home builder who wants the spacious ambience of open plan living without sacrificing the boundaries needed for the intimacy of separate living zones.

To see how all this was created and for a few more details, come with us on a photo tour of this contemporary Dutch home.

Glass walls

The original shape of the home was traditional for the area. The pitched roof and basic shape of the home has been retained. From this rear view though, we can see how the walls have been replaced with sleek glass clad in warm, golden wood. The traditional black gunwhale siding has been retained and the result is an interesting mix of traditional and contemporary design.

Various styles of wooden floors

From the hallway here we have a good sense of how the large expanses of glass doors and windows have allowed for light to flow into the inner sanctum of the house. In the original design, this area is likely to have been far darker. We can also see the pale wooden parquet flooring that has been used in varying configurations to distinguish the different living zones throughout the home.

Eclectic furnishings

In the open plan living area we have a good sense of the eclectic colours and furnishings that imbue the home with its bright, contemporary ambience. Saturated splashes of pink, green and even fluorescent orange accents in the contemporary artwork on the walls add interest. The built in living room storage and furniture sits quite low to the ground and adds a relaxed, informal feeling to the area. In the background we can see the dining area complete with industrial lights and two different types of seating.

Interesting kitchen storage design

The kitchen has a subtle decor and interesting features. This is a family home after all, so great storage has been provided with built in cupboards. At the same time, the seamless in built appliances and open shelving add a stylish effect. The soft greys and browns offer a mute colour palette that grounds the space and provides space for the accents and decorative accessories to shine.

Open living room with glass partitions

Large glass doors with black frames have been used here to separate the two living areas. This clever choice allows for a visual communication between the areas, while still allowing the occupants privacy when needed. It is a good balance between open plan living and a more closed off design.

Bedroom with a garden view

So often, the unique features of an older design are seen as a hindrance to contemporary design. But here, the angle of the roof here has been fully integrated and brought into focus with the glass wall. This adds a unique feel to the room. The other primary focus in this room is the garden and the wooden frames. With nothing else to accompany this design but a lampshade and painted white floorboards, this is a minimalist space with lots of decorative appeal.

Minimalist bathroom dominated by light

For our final photo on the tour, we will examine the bathroom. Yet again, we have another example of how the designers have allowed the unique shape of the traditional home to dominate the decor. Frosted glass provides much needed privacy while a bathroom vanity in natural wood adds a light, minimalist touch.

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