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​17 small pools perfect for small patios and gardens

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Most of us, when envisioning a swimming pool, see a great big design taking up lots of space in a yard or garden. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, for there are so many wonderfully designed splash pools that don’t need a lot of legroom to flaunt their style and potential. 

And on that note, let’s check out 17 of them right here…

1. Why is it good to have a pool?

A swimming pool is one of the outdoor elements that receive the most attention, and when it comes to hot temperatures, also one of the most important ones. After all, how many of us dream of taking a quick dip just to cool off when that sun starts scorching the earth? 

In addition, a pool serves as a decorative piece and can also enhance our health levels by giving us a quick workout. And let’s not forget how a pool can increase the value of a property.

2. The design

Your pool’s design should be in harmony with the rest of your yard or garden. And luckily we can rely on plants, flowers and furniture to enhance the outdoor style of our homes. 

See how stunning this example is, with round shapes showing up in the pool, stepping stones and chairs – sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference!

3. Outdoor shadows

A few factors need to be kept in mind when deciding on the best spot for your pool, and one of them is shadows. Do you really want to splash about in the shadows outside? Doing so in the glistening sun is much more fun, don’t you think? Thus, try to avoid areas like trees and buildings that provide a lot of shadows for most part of the day.

4. Create more legroom

por homify Moderno

Yes, you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy a pool, but adding unnecessary elements will only lead to you having even less legroom.

5. Keep it simple

Although numerous shapes and designs exist for pools, sometimes a straightforward square, rectangle or round shape is the best – and they are also the most popular.

6. Safety first

A pool is not just about relaxation. Keep in mind the type of material that surrounds the pool (it needs to be non slippery), a fence if you have little ones at home, and possibly even the depth.

7. Inside or outside?

A pool can be either inside or outside (or both, in some cases). Think very carefully about where you want to place yours and weigh up all the pros and cons.

8. High swimming

A pool on the top floor of an apartment building can be a most lavish touch, but then some sturdy fencing surrounding the pool and deck area is a must.

9. Many materials

Although wood isn’t a material that is usually included in pool designs, don’t forget how warm, charming and cosy a few timber elements can make a splashing spot seem.

10. Plants

Don’t forget about plants and flowers that can beautifully enhance your swimming area.

11. Lighting

Just like indoors, lighting fixtures around your pool can create a mood and set up a certain ambience for swim time.

12. The depth

por Artosca Moderno

Do you want to merely cool off in your pool or practice your breaststroke? This needs to be considered before you choose your pool’s depth and length.

13. A design that complements

Be sure that the pool you choose complements your house’s façade, as well as the surrounding areas. You don’t want your cooling-off spot to be an eyesore, right?

14. A pool that plays along

This example is fantastic in showing us how a pool’s design can be made to fit into its terrain – long and slim. This is another reason why it’s important to make use of a professional in your quest for the perfect pool.

15. Delicate details

No two pools need to be alike. Have a look at this exquisite design with its mosaic tiles and very shallow edge, which can almost give the impression of walking on water!

16. Something different

por Ur-bain Moderno

This design, due to both its glass sides and size, really impresses us! How would this look in your back yard?

17. Something hot

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a mentioning of a hot tub, which is also, in some way, a splash pool, right? This creation features a heating system which can be perfect for keeping that water temperature a desired level. 

And on that note, have a look at: Top 10—The Best Indoor Pools in the UK.

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