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The Hertfordshire Cubist Dream House

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Radlett house Varandas, marquises e terraços modernos por Nicolas Tye Architects Moderno
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This amazing home was created on a generous plot in Hertfordshire, which had a small bungalow already in situ. Having been left to become a dilapidated ruin, the bungalow was torn down to make way for a totally new structure and thanks to a fantastic working relationship with the local planning authority, what once showcased a dismal 100sqm one-storey house, was treated to a building of 450sqm, over 3 levels, in a breathtakingly contemporary style.

Featuring five bedrooms, en suites, an open plan living/kitchen/dining space and a show stopping light-filled atrium entrance, the new house is an absolute marvel of modern design and architecture and simple but longlife materials have been put to great use and ensure that the house will be in place for many years to come. 

Let's take a closer look…

Something new

Is this not the very epitome of modern architecture done right? There are key elements that many of us have come to associate with contemporary design in place, yet the house doesn't feel even remotely clichéd or 'overdone'. In fact, it looks amazing, inviting and inspirational.

Nicholas Tye Architects have managed to totally eradicate all trace of the former sad bungalow that was featured on this site and have instead, emblazoned it with a gargantuan contemporary masterpiece that has been finished in stark white render and with boxy geometry. Amazing!

Up close and personal

A closer look at the front of this beautiful house shows just how carefully everything has been considered, even down to the privacy of the residents. While the house is set back from the main road, allowing for a great deal of privacy on its own, the windows of the upper level have been fitted with clever shutters that help to shut out any prying eyes, but not much needed natural light.

It's amazing that all at once, the house is able to draw you in with its exciting and unusual design, but also deter unwelcome attention. Such genius design!

Round to the back

Woah… what a fantastic view! When a house is stunning from the front, you naturally anticipate that the rear will follow suit, but so many houses seem to have put every aesthetic technique to good use on one side only. That is flagrantly not the case here, with the rear being utterly outstanding.

Its interesting to see that due to no overlooking properties, there are no shutters in place here and this allows for unending streams of light to flood into the open plan living area. Looking effortlessly modern and yet classic, this house looks so perfectly situated that we could almost believe it has been here forever.

Do look down

Up until now, it has been difficult to see where the third storey of the house was being hidden, but now we can see it, in all of its glory! What a fabulous surprise the basement level is and thanks to some beautiful decking, warm amber interior lighting and glass walkway panels, it feels inviting, stylish and warm, rather than cold and dismal, as our brains might have naturally lead us to assume.

Clearly a key part of the house, the lower level is not an afterthought and nor is it a unused space, it is a central component of this house that just keeps amazing us!

Come on in

With the exterior of this house being so spectacular, from every conceivable angle, we know that the interior has a lot to live up to. There can be little doubt that it will step up to the challenge and if this hallway is anything to go by, all expectations will be surpassed!

Fabulously well lit, enticing and with a floating staircase in place, the crisp finishes, understated glamour and simple styling of the exterior is being perfectly mimicked here. We love the view straight through the door panel and out into the garden, which makes the space feel endless and yet entirely unenclosed at the same time. So clever!

Breathtaking spaces

We can't show you too much of the amazing interior, as the air is so thin up here, you might pass out in disbelief at the picture perfect styling, but we think this image gives you a real taste of what has been accomplished. As homely as the structure is modern and as stylish as the design is ingenious, this home offers all things to all people. The perfect family home or bachelor pad, we can't imagine a single person not wanting to live in such a calm, beautiful and inspiring space.

If you are a fan of contemporary projects, take a look at this Ideabook: A Captivating Contemporary Home. We just know you'll love the dramatic and unusual exterior!

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