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Making the most of your basement

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Basements are often that unused and forgotten storage area in the home where old things get dumped, but that doesn't mean that you need to neglect or forget having a basement in your own home. Think of a basement revamp as an investment in your home… adding a fun and functional living area allows a home to be worth more should you consider a resale! 

Consider adding in a different yet entertaining space in your home and you could be shocked at the results! You might even think about a family friendly living space such as a cinema style media room, or something a bit more health conscious such as a fitness and workout space or even a spa and sauna, for those days when rejuvenation and serenity is all you need! Whatever your needs may be, the homify team has compiled these ideas to peek your interest in such as revamp!

Fitness room

WaterRower Walnut Home Gym and Fitness Equipment por GymRatZ Gym Equipment Minimalista
GymRatZ Gym Equipment

WaterRower Walnut Home Gym and Fitness Equipment

GymRatZ Gym Equipment

Ever thought of adding a home gym to your house? You have the space available in your basement, but you lack the inspiration and enthusiasm to make this fitness dream come true! This idea means your home gym desire is not that far away. It simply means that clearing out your old unwanted goods in the basement needs to happen first, take the first step and then plan your way to a fitter and healthier self. 

You might have to fork out a pretty penny at first for equipment, but do it gradually. Adding in the essentials first and then building your personalised home gym as you progress. Just think that you will never have to leave the comfort of your own home again to visit the gym, and as you gain more equipment, you can make working out a social thing too, by inviting friends and family over to make the sessions worthwhile and challenge each other for better, stronger gains!

Storage room

So a basement or attic is likely a space used to store junk that is  no longer needed, such as old clothes, vintage furniture, documents and family mementos. But that doesn't mean that this storage area needs to be muddled and cluttered. In fact, the complete opposite of the space should be considered, the storage area should be immaculately thought out and planned so as to ensure that whatever is being hidden there, can actually be found at a later stage. 

The use of cardboard boxes is an old method of storage, but the idea of using stackable, reusable wooden boxes is innovating, looks neat and tidy and can even be colour coordinated to ensure that like items can be stored together. Wooden boxes that are built into a shelf are even better than just those that are stackable as they allow for the boxes to be pulled out like drawers, reducing heavy lifting and making items quick and easy to find! Get in touch with your inner OCD, by adding this storage solution to your basement!

Spa / sauna

The ultimate use of the basement area is to create a place of Zen, tranquillity and serenity, so why not add a fitness aspect too through the addition of a heated indoor swimming pool! A basement such as this can never be forgotten and will make an excellent investment in adding value to your home and making it a great point for when you consider reselling.

This basement however has every aspect of relaxation covered with the addition of a spa and sauna area too, so after a tough few laps in the magnificent swimming pool, why not consider a quick steam in the sauna for that ultimate wellness wake up experience? A fantastic basement such as this will truly be a hidden gem in any home and can even make for an excellent social space for a family friendly pool party! A basement without a personal touch is just a room downstairs anyway!

For more home spa inspiration, you might like to check out: Relax! Home Spas Made Easy.

Workshop / hobby room

Do you consider yourself a DIY person? Would you like your own personal space to tackle your creations without worrying that your children may get hurt in the process by picking up and playing with one of your expensive power tools? Why not consider making the basement your own private workshop where you will have the space and freedom to work on what you please. 

This amazing workshop idea has enough storage space for all your DIY essentials to be perfectly catalogued and placed, while the tools have their own spot on the wall ensuring that they are safe and out of the way. You've invested quite a bit of money in your tools, so why not have them secured in their own living space such as the basement. This is the perfect strategy to ensuring that you actually know where all your items are, you will after all be using the basement as more than just a storage area!

Extra living space

If DIY is not your thing and neither is fitness, then why not think about creating a cinema style media room within your home, complete with 3D television and High Definition Surround Sound for the ultimate home cinema experience! Add in a popcorn machine and a fridge stocked with enough goodies and you will have your very own home theatre, without even leaving the comfort of your walls.

This is perfect for movie buffs or families with a few kids, think of all the time and effort you will save getting the kids ready to go out! Instead you can stay in, make your own popcorn and have each kid be happy without dragging everyone to the local mall. It's safer and more secure to be at home anyway right? And with the availability of movies online, everyone will be entertained for hours with their favourite flick of all time!

Party room

If having your own planned storage area, health room, workshop or even media room doesn't tickle your fancy, then perhaps consider a party room such as this. The basement level of a home is surely more sound proof so you won't be bothering the neighbours with your ruckus and the amazing lighting idea such as this means that the party will go on from dusk till dawn. 

The addition of the pool table allows this party room to be a social space too, while the couches an TV screens create the perfect room to watch the latest game! Having an exceptional party room such as this means that one room can be messed up after a gig, keeping the rest of the home safe from clutter and party-goers. This may be an option for you if you live for the night life and are the life of the party wherever you go anyway! 

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