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A farmhouse sitting on a parcel of greenery, amidst meadows, farmland and acres of scenic beauty – that is a dream that many of us secretly nurture. With that kind of a dream, comes the promise of all things rustic, as these home owners found out when they were given this barn-style Scandinavian design home. This wooden family home has been designed by the architects at Mullers Buro at Berlin. Catch a glimpse of this charming space with its well-designed quarters.

​Barn meets chalet

The facade of the home is a charming one that brings in many schools of design, despite its simple look. The white planks have been borrowed from a barn while the windows speak of the chalet-style design. The rendition of the simple lines points at the Scandinavian school of style and the overall structure is one that adheres to the lush countryside style that we all crave. A simple fence stands on guard and basks in the glory of the pretty white home.

​Charm personified

The backyard showcases a charming personality. The white shutters on the vertical white planks create a tasteful effect with the white on white rule that many designers follow in order to create an embossed and lasting impression. The chalet-like rooftop and the well-manicured greenery invites you to bask in the glorious sunshine for a while.

​Pretty patterns

The entryway of the home is a pristine and neat white space, which creates an expansive look. This feeling of largesse meets you squarely in the eye and takes over your senses as you enter the home. A colonial style table sits in one corner while the green and white pattern on the tiled floor makes it all come alive in a very soothing manner.

​Playful staircase

The staircase of the home does a quirky take on the concept of the grand and sweeping staircase. The wooden and white structure has old school baseball-style railings with windows set on the mezzanine so that natural light floods into the area to play up the white walls. White wooden panelling sits discreetly on the side as you use the stairs.

​Cottage-style dining room

The architects have ensured that natural light follows you no matter which part of the home you may be in. The glass doors and windows with the simple white lattice and the white overhead beams create a bright and airy look. The cottage look is also kept alive with the simple barn-style dining table and the black chairs as well as the bench against one window. Greenery and a wooden bureau with a cage on top point at simple rustic pleasures.

​Compact kitchen

One would have expected the kitchen of this space to be a huge and highly cluttered area. But the designers have maintained a neat and compact look by putting it all against one wall of wood and copper.

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