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How to create the ideal TV area

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A living room is one thing, but creating a space that you look forward to curling up in to watch some great television is something else entirely. This is something that needs a lot of consideration and thought, with cosiness, storage and comfort all being factors.But, if you don't know where to start, don't panic! We have compiled some tips for you.

Take a look at our suggestions for creating the perfect TV area and see if you are tempted to rearrange your living room into something a little more user-friendly!

Choose a great TV

Monkhams Lane, Woodford Green Salas de estar modernas por Boscolo Moderno

Monkhams Lane, Woodford Green


We love this room, from Boscolo, as it shows exactly what can be achieved when you decide to approach living room design in terms of creating a comfortable TV area for you and your whole family.

Naturally, one of your biggest concerns will be getting the right television and with today's screens being bigger and better than ever, you may be a little spoilt for choice, but always choose something with your room, tastes and proposed installation in mind. We think this flush fitting, wall mounted example is great and really suits the modern vibe of the room. It is also relatively modest, given the fact that a much larger one would have also fit.

Find a comfy sofa

Even if you have the biggest television, a super surround sound system and a fabulous design scheme in place, your TV area will still be severely lacking if you don't also choose a fantastically comfortable and luxurious sofa. Think about it for a moment and you'll realise we are right!

We always like the idea of a super-sized settee, with thick, plump cushions that seem to meld to our body shapes and this lovely example looks to be exactly what we are talking about! Imagine curling up on this to watch a film or two; you'd never get back up!

Include wall units

TV area storage can be vital, not just because you need somewhere convenient to stow accessories and DVDs, but because without wall units, your television can look a little lost on a big wall! 

Essentially framing your television, we think that wall units are a fantastic way to make the watching zone super snug and enclosed, which is so important for emulating a cinema feel. While open plan living is great, we think you can't go wrong when you portion off a section of living room for the sole purpose of creating a specific TV area as it allows you to enjoy some intimate leisure time.

Embrace storage

Muebles Mia por MUEBLES MIA Moderno

Muebles Mia


It's not just DVDs and TV listing magazines that you need to keep hold of and within easy access of your newly created TV area, it is the remote controls! You may never lose yours, but if that's the case, then you are one of the lucky few, so we always recommend including at least some shelves or cupboards in a specifically created TV area, so that you can keep favourite films on standby and have a designated place for your remotes.

If you select storage that is deep enough, you might also be able to hide away any DVD players or, if you're feeling retro, video players, so that the only technology on show is your television itself, keeping your room sleek and tidy.

Don't forget the carpet

We are happy to include big, plush rugs in this tip, but we really can't recommended including some lush fabric underfoot in your TV area enough, as if you are anything like us, you might find yourself gravitating towards laying on the floor while you watch something interesting!

Helping to keep the area warm and snug, carpets and rugs are a great addition for any space that you want to feel a little more cosy and it can also really help to separate areas within a larger room, so use the edges of your floor covering to mark out the TV viewing territory! 

Light the space to perfection

We love this fantastic TV area that looks snug, cosy and warm, while also perfectly geared towards enjoyable viewing, but one thing that we notice is how well lit it is and that the lights themselves will not impair the screen. This is vital for any TV zone, as a badly positioned light could cause glare on the screen and then the whole experience, so be sure to install your lights away from the television and closer to the sofa instead!

For more living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Creating A Cosy Living Room.

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