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21 jaw-dropping and simple ideas to change your home

Leigh Leigh
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Small doesn't necessarily mean less. In fact, small can mean comfortable, practical and incredible – especially when it comes to architecture and design.

For home owners who are seeking a bit of inspiration and creativity this year, we at homify have put together 21 jaw-dropping examples of just how many possibilities exist when it comes to creating your dream home, no matter how small it is. 

The below ideas are 21 ideas that are low-budget and suitable for any small apartment or home. They will also help you to save a ton of space!

Let's take a look!

1. Bedroom – wall art

Tip: Use white stickers on a grey wall, like design professionals MOB Architects have done here.

2. Bedroom – decorate with fabrics

Tip: Use your curtains and linen to bring personality and charm to your bedroom, while allowing the patterns and colours to complement the furniture.

3. Bedroom – different tables

Tip: Combine functionality with style!

4. Bedroom – pallets

Home staging Berlin por Cocolapine Design Escandinavo
Cocolapine Design

Home staging Berlin

Cocolapine Design

Tip: Get as many pallets as necessary to support the size and weight of the mattress. Also have a look at cool furniture for almost nothing using pallets.

5. Bedroom – sofa bed

Tip: If you don't have too much space, this is a great option!

6. Bedroom – sofa bed

Hint: You can still use your regular bedroom pillows. 

7. Kitchen – kitchenette

Tip: Take advantage of the corners with an L-shaped kitchen.

8. Kitchen – Plywood furniture

Tip: Plywood is an inexpensive material and it looks just like normal wood, giving warmth to the room.

9. Kitchen – table and island together

Tip: You'll have a far more compact kitchen

10. Kitchen – a wall

Tip: Expose the brick of your kitchen wall for a more trendy and industrial chic look.

11. Kitchen – minimal furniture

Tip: Save money and space by opting for a less is more approach.

12. Bathroom – lighting

Tip: A simple drop down lamp like this one is budget-friendly and trendy.

13. Bathroom – space saving furniture

Tip: Add small touches like a vase of flowers for decor.

14. Bathroom – mosaic tiles

Tip: Mosaic tiles can create a very warm, welcoming and comfortable environment.

15. Bathroom – corner shower

Tip: Go for tempered glass and aluminum, which will last longer than plastic.

16. Bathroom – wooden furniture

 industrial por starg, Industrial

Tip: Wicker baskets are fundamental.

17. Bathroom – economic linen and towels

Tip: Neutral and earthy tones go a long way.

18. Bathroom – furniture with pallets

Tip: Involve the whole family in a fun, DIY project!

19. Living room – vintage armchair

Tip: This is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Scour your local markets and vintage stores.

20. Living room – small studio

Tip: Always position the desk near a window.

21. Flooring – PVC tile effect

Tip: It creates a very modern and refreshing look and feel.

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