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Cramped home? 7 common errors and how to fix them

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When we design our homes, more often than not we clutter spaces and they end up cramped, cloistered and crowded. Even if you’re a regular clean freak, you’re likely to generate a little mess and junk within your abode. Let’s face it, it’s fairly difficult keeping a dwelling open and spacious, all the while maintaining your career and household organisation.

We’re going to take a look at 7 common design errors, with handy solutions to fix and rectify them. If you think you’ve made a few blunders, errors or lapses in your design judgement we’re here to help! Read on below and start redecorating today!

1. Clutter is overpowering your interior

Error: You’ve let clutter build up and now it rules your interior

Solution: Throw away any items that are unneeded and thoroughly audit your interior for junk, mess and obsolete odds and ends.

2. Your furniture is poorly organised

Error: You haven’t correctly considered where each piece of furniture should be located

Solution: The placement of your furniture is crucial to its cohesiveness. Rethinking the layout of your large pieces of furniture can help add movement and flow within the home.

3. Your lighting is insufficient

Error: The mood in your home is uninviting due to insufficient lighting

Solution: The right lighting is essential within a living space, adding style as well as a less cramped, more illuminated aesthetic.

4. Your colour scheme is terrible!

Error: You haven’t updated your colour scheme and it’s horrible

Solution: It might seem like a large job refreshing your bathroom tiling or repainting that dark brown paint in your living room, but the results will pay off. Bad colour schemes are sure to make your home feel cramped and archaic.

If your home needs a new colour scheme but you don't know where to start, you can always chat to an interior design expert. Find a professional designer via the homify website and get started today!

5. You aren’t making the most of your space

Error: Your room isn’t laid out in a functional or liveable manner

Solution: Time to chat to an interior designer who will be able to re-jig, refresh and rethink your interior spaces.

6. You haven’t considered multi-purpose items

Error: Your home is cramped because you have too many pieces of furniture

Solution: Multi-purpose furniture is your solution, and will assist in removing some of the cramped ambience associated with too many items.

7. Your furniture is out of date!

Error: You inherited your furniture from your parents, and haven’t updated it since

Solution: Sure, you might have saved some money, but it’s now time to look at getting rid of some of that bulky out of date furniture and investing in sleek, chic and more sophisticated (less clunky!) furniture.

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