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6 ways to make your home pet-friendly

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While everyone loves having pets around, it is not as easy as just taking a cat or pup home. There are many things to consider when you want to make coexisting with an animal enjoyable and comfortable not just for you, but your pet as well. With that in mind, we have collected six cool home and design ideas to make living with your four-legged friends a breeze. 

Invest in pet beds

Give you dog quality zzzs by splurging on good pet beds. There many different kinds for every type of pet, so make sure you know what kind matches your pooch's sleeping or lounging habits. There are standard dog beds, which are just flat and generally works for most pets, but there are also specialized beds like donut-shaped ones for pets who loves to curl up and orthopedic beds made for ones that have arthritis or other orthopedic problems. 

Don't scrimp on style, too!

While form always follows function, it doesn't hurt to spend a little on style. There are numerous stylish options for pets in the market, just like this corrugated cardboard with vinyl coating, tropical-print cat (this is suitable for small dogs, too!) tent designed by Korean-based company, which offers worldwide shipping.

Pet-proof your windows

Keep your pets from Feline High-Rise Syndrome, a term coined by veterinarians for the all too common episodes of cats falling off roofs or windows. While cats are known for their excellent reflexes, a significant number of accidents have resulted to injuries and even death. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you have pet-proofed your windows by adding window screens. 

Give pets space

If you own dogs, it is ideal to have a garden or backyard for pets to run and play in. It would also be great if you could provide a small, covered space, that way your pups will have a safe haven in case they get caught outside in bad weather! We're especially loving this contemporary garden igloo from Hamburg-based company, Greenbop, that doubles as a shed in case of rains. 

Let them play

Sophie Allport Highland Stag Collection por Sophie Allport Campestre Algodão Vermelho
Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Highland Stag Collection

Sophie Allport

While having a garden is more advantageous for pet owners with active dogs, another alternative to keep them alert and occupied if you are living in a townhouse or condominium is to provide them toys to play with, just like this 100% cotton toy from Sophie Allport's Highland Stag collection. 

Trust in leather

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Lena Lobiv Interior Design

Living room interior design

Lena Lobiv Interior Design

One of the best things a pet owner can also invest in is leather-upholstered furniture. Aside from being low maintenance and long-lasting, it is also hair and odor resistant. The only thing one needs to watch out for are scratches, which is pretty easy to avoid as long as you cut their nails and provide your pets with enough entertainment (i.e. toys). 

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