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There’s no harm in indulging in a spot of healthy escapism now and then. That’s what this ideabook is all about: ogling sun-soaked dream homes that seem to belong to another life, homes that are as far from our everyday realities as they are from us geographically. Most of us will never own a home in the Mediterranean; distance, budget limitations or a combination of the two will likely prevent it. However, that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t vividly imagine what it would be like, and with the aid of pictures that fantasy can become all the more detailed. Some of the houses featured here are so enticing it’s almost possible to taste the wine you would drink on their terraces as the sun sets. It's nice to dream sometimes.

​A contemporary castle

Dramatically positioned atop a cliff, this home bears more than a passing resemblance to the imposing fortresses of old. Where those drew their visual power from dark stone and complex fortifications, however, this more modern take on the castle is all clean brightness and sharp angles. Mediterranean homes often tend to be white, and this picture is a perfect illustration of why: the colour is the ideal complement to the striking azure of the southern European sky.

​A positive outlook

Imagine being able to have breakfast each morning while gazing out on this remarkable view. It might not solve all your problems but it would certainly make being unhappy much, much more difficult.

Going for broke

No expense has been spared with this gorgeously lavish mansion, which features extensive terraces, carefully manicured grounds and, of course, the finest accessory of all: the perfect shorts-every-day climate.

​Space to reflect

As with the first house featured in this ideabook, this one relies heavily on straight lines and angles, and the shadows they create, to achieve its impressive appearance. The positioning of the swimming pool has been carefully considered to reflect the shapes above with the maximum impact. The stairs make for a particularly pretty effect.

Perfect plants

The elaborate turrets, terraces and staircases of this beautiful building are wonderfully enhanced by the perfect choice of plants and trees. There could be no doubt about this house’s location: with that palm tree, orange tree and lush climbing plants, it could only be the Mediterranean.

​All the trimmings

This palatial building comes with absolutely everything you could demand from a fantasy home. There’s no shortage of outdoor space for lounging in the sun, whether on the balconies, on the terraces or by the poolside. The arched French windows that open out onto the balconies are a beautiful and unusual feature of this building, bringing a hint of a colonial influence to the architecture.

The simple life

homify Casas mediterrânicas

Alright, so it’s certainly less decadent than the other houses we’ve seen so far, but there’s no denying that this one has a rustic charm all of its own. Its simple sloping roof and relatively understated terrace require little adornment; the gorgeous weather and the even more gorgeous mountain background provide more than sufficient decoration. But the prettiest feature of all, of course, is the old-fashioned ivy-covered wall that denotes a complete escape from city living.

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