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Leigh Leigh
Vanda Carobrezzi - Design de Interiores Cozinhas rústicas
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Today at homify, we will come across some tips that you can implement in your own home to make a substantial change to the look and feel of your home.

These are small yet intelligent interventions that don't need too much money, just a touch of creativity. They will provide both functional and aesthetic solutions!

Let's take a look at design professionals Vanda Carobrezzi's project today and see what we can learn from it.

Let's take a look!

1. Facade with different finishes

Let's take a look at this image, where we can see that each of the walls of this home has a different coating, making up different facades. This creates diversity and texture throughout the exterior of the home. 

Don't you love how the rustic brick facade works with the modern white plastered wall? This creates different spatial planes and perspectives. 

2. Large windows

This design tip was introduced just after the Industrial Revolution and is a great feature of any modern home. It allows for great views of the surrounds as well as a seamless relationship between the interior and the exterior spaces. It also allows for natural ventilation and natural light to flow throughout the home. 

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3. Add stone

Granite or marble counter tops can be very expensive, but they instantly add elegance to a space. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom or kitchen, you can simply add these types of materials to the counter tops. 

In this design, you can see how it has been used just below the sink.

This means that you don't have use too much of it, while still getting all of the benefits.

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4. Storage spots

Utilise hooks and shelves throughout your home to create smart storage solutions where you can store items such as towels or books neatly out of sight.

This will free up floor space throughout your home. Storage is key to a trendy, modern and minimalist space!

5. Mix wall finishes

Just like we saw on the outside of the home, mixing wall finishes or coatings can truly enhance a space. This works for the interior too! 

All of the walls in this living room are painted white, which contrasts beautifully with the stone wall that houses the fireplace and chimney. The brick wall emphasises a more rustic and casual look.

6. Tiling

In this design, we can see that very similar materials have been used throughout the bathroom and the kitchen. This is a great tip as it allows you to buy a certain material in bulk and utilize it. 

The second thing we notice are the gorgeous patterned ceramic tiles on the wall. These bring in a sense of personality and soul to the kitchen space, while working in harmony with the materials used throughout the rest of the kitchen area.

Tiles are a very trendy addition to a kitchen, while remaining very budget-friendly. It also means you can use the more expensive materials, like granite and marble, more sparingly.

We hope that this ideabook will help you when it comes to changes in your own home!

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