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Vista Exterior guedes cruz arquitectos Casas mediterrânicas
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Vista Exterior guedes cruz arquitectos Casas mediterrânicas
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Vista Exterior guedes cruz arquitectos Casas mediterrânicas

Social Complex in Alcabideche

Located in Cascais, in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, the Social Complex of Alcabideche with a total construction area of approximately 10,000 m2 aims to reconstitute a Mediterranean life style in which the outdoor spaces of streets, plazas and gardens are like an extension of the house itself.

Concluded in 2012 it comprises 52 houses (housing units intended for elderly couples) and a main support building that houses the social areas, a nursing area with individual rooms and an area for bedridden patients.

The connective layout with a modulation of 7.5m has, as in a Medina, streets of different widths reserved for pedestrians who enjoy the protection of the shade provided by the houses by day and at night are guided by the light the houses give off.

In the event of an emergency, users can activate an alarm that alerts the control station located in the central building and the box-shaped roof’s light changes: the large white box turns red.

The final solutions depend on the effectiveness of its form or on the efficacy of the functioning of the choices of systems and materials to be used.

The houses are formed by a nucleus of exposed concrete with a “rough” formwork of wooden lathes that house the habitable area, living room and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and a box in which the material, plexiglass, has specific characteristics: reflection of the sun’s rays (white), being impermeable, being resistant to the weather and to fire and which allows the light in (translucid).

The stabilization of the temperature on the inside of the housing units is due to the reflective properties of the white box of the roof and the thermal efficiency of the air cushion created between the plexiglass box and the concrete base.

The central building, within the same modelling and principles, contains all of the common services necessary for proper functioning and quality of living.

It includes the electricity production systems, the photovoltaic plant, which supply the habitable areas of the residence.


Elderly persons’ residence.

Location of the Works: Alcabideche, Cascais, Portugal

Area of the Plot: 12876m2

Total construction area – 9956m2

Area of each housing unit: 53m2

Total Area of Housing Units: 2.756m2

Area of the Main Building: above ground – 2700m2

below ground – 4500m2

total – 7200m2

Promoter: Fundação Social do Quadro Bancário

Architecture project by: Guedes Cruz Arquitectos- José Guedes Cruz, César Marques, Marco Martínez Marinho

Architecture Collaborators: Patrícia Maria Matos, Nelson Aranha, João Simões, Isabel Granes

Structure: PPE

Special installations: Espaço Energia

Landscape Architecture: Paula Botas

Construction Consortium: FDO + JOFEBAR

Supervision: Mace

Photographer: Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Créditos fotográficos: Ricardo Oliveira Alves
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